Emilio Teubal’s blend of Argentinian music, modern jazz, and chamber has an effect that’s somehow quite delicate while still resonating strongly. The result is a series of breathtaking moments, sometimes coming about with great drama, other times like a gentle caress of the cheek. The rhythmic dialog is talkative, no less affecting than the melodies, shaping them as often as augmenting their development.” - David Sumner

Bandcamp Daily/ Best Jazz on Bandcamp-Februry 2023

Futuro stands out as a work that celebrates life and melodic adventure without sacrificing the rhythms that have sparked the curiosity of Emilio Teubal since he was a boy. Listen to "Rio" below––it's indicative of how the music incorporates its many influences to create sounds that please, hug, and brings joy!” - Richard Kamins

Step Tempest- February 2023

"Isn’t it wonderful when an album comes along that is just that little bit different… in a uniquely refreshing way. “Futuro” by Argentinian pianist and composer Emilio Teubal is just that... Teubal’s music is fascinating. Listening to this album could take me back to being a little boy in a toy shop, looking at everything around me with an open-mouthed, disbelieving expression"” - Mike Gates

UK Vibes, Feburary 2023

Emilio Teubal has presented to the world a personal yet universal panacea, music that will excite your senses and calm your fears or, at least, serve as a respite from the troubling times.” - Richard Kamins

Step Tempest, June 2020

He's clearly a virtuoso, but, wisely, technical ability is used in service to artistry throughout the release. As impressive as the performance of challenging material is, it's the expressive articulation captured in the gentler settings that speaks most powerfully on his behalf.” - Ron Schepper

Textura.org, July 2020

Tides no es un disco romántico de piano solo, no. Aquí lo que hay es reflexión, ahondamiento, también preocupación y cierta molestia por el irrefrenable daño que se le hace al planeta. Así como insinúa bellos paisajes sonoros, también expresa tragedia y dolor. Son fotos sonoras, que demandan verse con sensibles oídos.” - Jorge Sierra

EscuchaEsto.com, July 2020

This music is a revelation. I have rarely heard a requiem played like this. The music seems to come from a distant place and time, but it draws us in with the most heart-warming immediacy.” - Raul Da Gama

Latin Jazz Network, 2018

"When someone asks you what will be considered the classic albums of this modern jazz age in fifty years time, you should point to this recording (Musica para un Dragon Dormido) as one of them. As near to perfection as you can get"

David Sumer- Bird is the Worn- #2 Best of 2013


"Memorias de Otro Tiempo" is truly lovely music Well-played, intelligently composed and arranged music that plays to the strengths of the trio. On this, his fourth album as a leader, Emilio Teubal not only displays his great talent but also a emotional depth that makes this music personal and universal”

Richard Kamins,Step Tempest, March 2018


"In fact it is very possible that Emilio Teubal may have emerged as one of the most outstanding musicians from Argentina, with this record that will surely mark him as one of the deepest thinkers as well as one of the most “€œpainterly”€ pianists in modern music"

 Raul Da Gama. LatinJazz Network.April 2013. 5 Stars Album of the week