Emilio Teubal’s blend of Argentinian music, modern jazz, and chamber has an effect that’s somehow quite delicate while still resonating strongly. The result is a series of breathtaking moments, sometimes coming about with great drama, other times like a gentle caress of the cheek. The rhythmic dialog is talkative, no less affecting than the melodies, shaping them as often as augmenting their development.” - David Sumner

Bandcamp Daily/ Best Jazz on Bandcamp-Februry 2023

On his sixth album as leader, Emilio Teubal, an extraordinary young composer and pianist has shown that he is made of all the right stuff. This is also why he ought to be mentioned in the same breath as someone like Guillermo Klein, for like Mr Klein, Mr Teubal has shown us – both as composer and performer – that he has brought much original thinking to the osmotic process that defines the brave new world of popular music. ” - Raul Da Gama

Latin Jazz Network, April 2023

there's something undeniably special about the Post-Trio's performances. Teubal's playing, not surprisingly, impresses throughout, the pianist instinctively knowing exactly how to maximize the impact of a performance with his considerable gifts.” - Ron Schepper

Textura.org, March 2023

Futuro stands out as a work that celebrates life and melodic adventure without sacrificing the rhythms that have sparked the curiosity of Emilio Teubal since he was a boy. Listen to "Rio" below––it's indicative of how the music incorporates its many influences to create sounds that please, hug, and brings joy!” - Richard Kamins

Step Tempest- February 2023

"Isn’t it wonderful when an album comes along that is just that little bit different… in a uniquely refreshing way. “Futuro” by Argentinian pianist and composer Emilio Teubal is just that... Teubal’s music is fascinating. Listening to this album could take me back to being a little boy in a toy shop, looking at everything around me with an open-mouthed, disbelieving expression"” - Mike Gates

UK Vibes, Feburary 2023

Sus composiciones, minuciosamente elaboradas, demuestran su pericia como creador. En ellas confluyen géneros que pueden resultar en la primera escucha, incompatibles, pero que gracias a su gran habilidad musical, encuentran su unidad en las dosis similares de frescura y fluidez que les otorga. Futuro es una gran muestra de esto.” - Carlos Salatino

Tiempo Argentino, April 2023

Futuro delivers a mature, rich, and satisfying reflection of troubled times and the possibility of outliving them.” - Mel Minter

Musically Speaking.org, March 2023

Argentine pianist/composer Emilio Teubal offers an eclectic, modern collection of singular music on his sixth album as a leader, Futuro” - Matt Micucci

Jazziz, March 2023

Emilio Teubal has presented to the world a personal yet universal panacea, music that will excite your senses and calm your fears or, at least, serve as a respite from the troubling times.” - Richard Kamins

Step Tempest, June 2020

He's clearly a virtuoso, but, wisely, technical ability is used in service to artistry throughout the release. As impressive as the performance of challenging material is, it's the expressive articulation captured in the gentler settings that speaks most powerfully on his behalf.” - Ron Schepper

Textura.org, July 2020