New Album "Memorias de Otro Tiempo" is now available for purchase

New Album "Memorias de Otro Tiempo" is now available for purchase

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NY based Argentine Pianist and Composer Emilio Teubal 4th album as a band leader “Memorias de Otro Tiempo” (memories from another time). After three critically acclaimed records featuring large ensembles with a strong emphasis on improvisation, Emilio’s latest project is a small chamber group consisting on piano, spanish guitar and clarinet. The music, written especially for this ensemble, draws from a wide variety of musical styles that are part of his cultural background: Latin-American Folk music, Tango music, Jazz, Free improvisation, Classical music and some hints of Middle Eastern music. The Emilio Teubal trio features fellow Argentine musicians Ivan Barenboim on clarinets, Federico Diaz on guitar and Emilio Teubal on piano and compositions.

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Emilio Teubal Trio en Argentina

Centro Cultural Oliverio Girondo

Presentation de mi disco "Memorias de otro tiempo" en Argentina junto a Adam Tully en guitarra y Andres Reboratti en clarinete y flauta mas invitados


Emilio Teubal Trio

Sweet Sound Downtown Jazz Festival, Elm st, Westfield, New Jersey